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Careers in Nursing Informatics

Saturday May 31, 2014

What is a Nurse Informaticist?

Nursing informatics is yet another rapidly growing field within the healthcare workforce. Nurse informaticists are increasingly in demand due to the huge push for EMR and other electronic support systems in healthcare facilities.

Nursing informatics combines skills and knowledge of clinical nursing with information technology. Nurse informaticists typically have some level of training and experience in nursing and then they develop additional expertise in EMR or other healthcare IT application.

Several nursing schools and technical schools offer coursework in healthcare informatics as well. To learn more about this growing field, including employment options, average compensation, and job duties, see the nursing informatics overview.


Careers for Skincare Specialists and Aestheticians

Saturday May 31, 2014

Everywhere Katie Patton goes, she receives numerous compliments on her beautiful skin. Her skin looks like that of a porcelain China doll. Envious women inevitably ask her, "How do you get such beautiful skin?"

Fortunately for Katie, her gorgeous skin serves as her business calling card, because she works as a medical aesthetician in an Atlanta-area dermatology office. It's obvious when you meet her and talk to her that Katie is passionate about skincare. For example, if you go outside in the sun in her presence, she will gently coerce you into wearing about 18 layers of sunscreen and re-applying every 30 minutes.

Katie loves her career as a medical aesthetician because, like many medical professionals, she can make an impact on the lives of others. Many people may not initially think of skincare specialist as a career that can make a significant impact. However, the impact of skin conditions is more than skin deep.

"Believe it or not, skin problems cause a lot of psychological issues and self-esteem problems for patients," Katie says. She enjoys working with patients to remedy these issues. Additionally, Katie enjoys working in a medical office environment with physicians and coordinating patients' skin care with the doctors. "I love that my patients leave feeling better about themselves and their appearance because of my help," Katie adds.

If you are interested in becoming a medical aesthetician, learn more about how to become one in the aesthetician career profile and overview, where Katie provides additional advice to prospective skincare specialists.


Medical aesthetician career overview

Survey: 64% of Healthcare Professionals Looking for Jobs This Year

Friday May 30, 2014

A new survey from Glassdoor reveals that 64 percent of healthcare professionals plan to look for jobs this year.

Additionally, more than half "want more from their jobs than a paycheck," the company notes.

So what will healthcare professionals seek in addition to good pay? Values and culture, according to the Glassdoor study.

56% are likely or very likely to accept less money to work at a company/hospital that values helping people above all else.

66% are likely or very likely to accept less money to work at a company/hospital with a great culture.

The study also examined what sources will provide information to job-seekers. The top three resources were:

Interestingly, men rely on recruiters more frequently than women, while women rely on friends more often than men do.

The top three most-frequently searched job titles on Glassdoor are:

  1. Physical therapist
  2. Registered nurse
  3. Occupational therapist

To read more about the top healthcare jobs and recruitment tips, view the summary and infographic at Glassdoor.com.

Careers in Medical Real Estate - Tips from a Pro

Friday May 30, 2014

Background in healthcare, finance, and real estate, plus active networking, are keys to success.

Are you passionate about finance, real estate, and healthcare too? If you are interested in real estate and would like to work in one of the few areas of real estate that has survived the economic downturn, a career in medical real estate may be an option for you. Medical real estate careers involve the development, sale, purchase or brokering of healthcare properties such as hospitals, medical office buildings, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, and specialty hospitals.

According to Joe Baugh, managing partner of Capital Growth Medvest, healthcare real estate is the best arena of real estate in which to work. Mr. Baugh is now a partner in his own firm, after learning the ropes working for another medical real estate firm for about five years.

Baugh provides some great advice on how to break into a career in medical real estate, and one thing stood out to me about his career, is that, like many successful executives in any field, professional networking contributed greatly to his career success over the years. According to Baugh, it was a professional contact who helped him get his start, and gave him his "big break" in the medical real estate field.

Later, Baugh was able to start his own firm, partnering with other professional contacts whom he'd met over the years working in the industry. If he hadn't made the appropriate networking contacts, maintained mutually beneficial relationships with them, and proven himself to them as a producer in the medical real estate industry over time, he would not have had the career success he enjoys today, about ten years into his career. Read more about how to get a career in medical real estate, in the interview with Joe Baugh about his career path, and tips for success.


Is Moonlighting Good for Your Healthcare Career?

Friday May 30, 2014

Should You Take a Second Job on the Side?

Moonlighting is a popular practice among healthcare professionals. Fortunately for healthcare workers, their skills are in great demand. In an economy where many professionals are unable to obtain one job, healthcare professionals are still in such great demand that many are able to secure more than one job, if desired or needed.

However, just because you can work two jobs, doesn't necessarily mean you should work two jobs. Is moonlighting the best thing for your healthcare career?

Depending upon your motivations for moonlighting, and the demands of your primary job, moonlighting can be very rewarding, both financially and in other ways. However, if you take on too many hours, or too much work, you could jeopardize your original employment.

If you are considering moonlighting as an option, be sure to carefully consider the impact that the second job would have on your primary career, and your relationship with your primary employer. If you are certain that the benefits of moonlighting would outweigh any potential drawbacks or negative effects, then take that second job and enjoy the extra income!

Otherwise, there are other options you may try, depending on your career needs, such as asking for a raise, working more hours, or volunteering.


Military Medical Jobs - Are You Brave Enough?

Monday May 26, 2014

On Memorial Day in America, we remember those who have given their lives in service, protecting the freedom of the United States. Included among those brave Americans are some of the medical professionals who were employed in the various branches of the U.S. Military, providing health care to their fellow service men and women.  While medical professionals are often not the ones put in harm's way, or on the front lines, sometimes they are needed in dangerous areas, or are involved in accidents or incidents that can be fatal.

Military medical careers allow you to serve your country while practicing medicine as a doctor, nurse, or allied health professional. Are you brave enough? As if medical careers aren't already demanding and exciting, serving in the military as a medical professional adds another level of intensity, offering even greater risk and reward.

If you are able and open to relocation and possible deployment, there are many perks to working in the military including tuition reimbursement, excellent benefits, and more.  Could a medical career in the military be a fit for you?

The military offers many medical jobs at varying levels of training and education. If you're an adventurous person who doesn't mind living wherever in the world the military needs you to work, a career in the military may be for you. Learn more about the requirements and options, as well as the perks and drawbacks of a medical military career:

Medical Scribes: Helping or Hindering Physician Communication and Documentation?

Wednesday April 30, 2014

Medical scribes are the way of the future... or are they?

This emerging career is experiencing a surge in demand, thanks to increased administrative and clinical workloads on physicians caused by new legislation (ACA, HITECH, etc.) and EMR requirements, as well as an aging population and added documentation and insurance hurdles.

Some industry experts predict that in the near future, a medical scribe will be a key component of every care team. According to Michael Murphy, MD, CEO of ScribeAmerica, a recent study stated that nearly 85% of patients changed or were considering changing their physician due to poor communication skills.  "This has opened up a relatively unheard of career path that is booming right now - the Medical Scribe."

Other industry thought-leaders are not so sure; some feel that adding another person into the mix, among a physician, the patient, and a medical record, simply increases the chance for documentation errors to occur. Additionally, some medical scribes have come forward to say that they feel they are thrust into an ethical dilemma, claiming that they are asked to document things that didn't actually happen.

However, Dr. Murphy does not feel that this is a widespread issue. "Medical Scribes are historically purist and have not been jaded by medical school, residency and fellowship.  Most if not all scribes will just say 'no' to the provider," Murphy explains.  "Also, during our compliance education training, we [review] HIPAA, case scenarios, ...and educate [scribes] to be living recorders of events that took place.  If at anytime they feel uncomfortable they are to call their manager or project leader, we will then handle the situation."

Whatever the future holds, the fact is that currently, medical scribes are experiencing a surge in demand for their services by a number of physicians nationwide. Learn more about this emerging career that often serves as a training ground for physicians and physician assistants.


Mental Health Professionals Mind Your Health

Wednesday April 30, 2014

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, according to Mental Health America. This year's theme to promote mental health awareness is "Mind Your Health." Mental Health America aims to "build public recognition about the importance of mental health to overall health and wellness; inform people of the ways that the mind and body interact with each other; and provide tips and tools for taking positive actions to protect mental health and promote whole health."

Mental health professionals are almost always in demand. Sometimes referred to as behavioral health, these healthcare workers often face some of the most challenging patients, who may suffer from severe depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, or worse. Therefore, working in mental health can be very challenging, but rewarding, or also cause burn-out and stress due to the nature of the work and depending on the severity of the patient population with whom you are working.

If you are passionate about psychiatric care, a career in mental health may be an excellent option for you. There are a variety of options in behavioral health, from nurses, to techs, to physicians, and more.

Should You Be a Psychiatric Nurse?

Wednesday April 30, 2014

Psychiatric nursing, in the field of mental health care, is one of many types of nursing careers from which to choose.  Demand is high for psychiatric nurses, but, as with any specialty, do your due diligence before jumping in.  Psychiatric nursing has its own set of unique challenges in addition to those seen in med-surge and other nursing careers.  Plus, due to the impact and correlation between patients' physical and mental health, psychiatric nurses must be well-versed in both physical and psychiatric needs of their patients.

Like other specialties, psychiatric nurses can earn from $30,000-40,000 in starting salaries or entry-level roles, $60,000 or more for advanced practice roles (master's degree), and $100,000 or more for doctorate level or executive nursing roles.  In addition to a variety of salary and educational levels, psychiatric nursing also offers a variety of practice settings and employers, from hospitals, and physician offices, to government institutions or free-standing mental health facilities.

Learn more about psychiatric nursing:

Medical Laboratory Professionals Get Results

Monday April 21, 2014

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2014: April 21-25

Medical laboratory professionals do most of their work behind the scenes. They typically don't work directly with patients, but the results of lab professionals' work often determine up to 70 percent of all medical decisions.

If you seek a high-impact health career that combines technology and life science, yet doesn't require frequent patient interaction, a career in a medical lab may be a great fit for you! If you seek a career in a medical lab, you could join a workforce of more than 300,000 workers at a variety of education levels and pay ranges.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, via the American Society for Clinical Pathology, industry demand for additional medical professionals is out-pacing the number of people being trained in the field.

National Medical Laboratory Professionals' Week is April 21-25, according to the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS), so this is a great time to learn more about these careers and the roles of medical laboratory workers who provide such valuable information to providers for patients.
Medical Laboratory Career Profiles:

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