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Top Medical Job Boards and Healthcare Niche Job Sites


Most career experts agree, when utilizing job boards for your job search, niche boards will typically offer the best results and user experience. Therefore, in my list of Top Medical Job Boards, you'll notice that my picks consist primarily of healthcare-specific sites. I compiled the list based on my ongoing experience as a medical recruiter, utilizing various job sites. Over the years, I've been able to determine which ones seem most popular amongst healthcare employers and candidates, based on the volume of members, and the feedback from medical job seekers.

Recently, Eric Shannon of InternetInc posted his picks of top niche job sites by job search keyword. His list covers all industries, in addition to the medical field. Several of his healthcare picks are also on my Top Medical Job Boards list, such as HealthECareers and MedHunters.com. However, the InternetInc list includes some additional healthcare job sites such as allhealthcarejobs.com, that he found to be strong, and ranked well in search. Mr. Shannon also included several nursing job sites, such as nurse.com, that he found were the largest and most user friendly of the nursing job boards. As an internet expert, Shannon brings a different perspective to the selection of the top job sites. Therefore, if you are currently in search of a medical job, I encourage you to check out the healthcare job sites on his list as well as the ones on my list of Top Medical Job Boards.

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