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Healthcare reform is a hot topic in the news lately, and it will impact your medical career significantly, depending on how it is implemented. What is healthcare reform? Why does the United States need healthcare reform, and how should the healthcare system be reformed?

Many people understand the objectives of healthcare reform, but they do not understand the intricacies involved in overhauling an entire healthcare system nationwide. Some people are not even clear as to the purpose of healthcare reform, or how it could directly impact their medical career, for better or for worse.

In brief, the goal of healthcare reform is to make healthcare more accessible and available to all American citizens. Currently, millions of Americans remain uninsured due to job loss, or because healthcare premiums would simply be too costly. Ideally, healthcare reform would enable more, or all Americans to become insured, and also decrease the cost of healthcare. However, this is a goal that is not so easily obtained, due to the complexities of the healthcare system in America, and the quality of care provided here.

The key is to find a solution that does not compromise the quality of healthcare or the quality of providers here in the U.S. Many providers already feel sqeezed by increasing overhead of medical practice, including covering costs of meeting insurance payers' demands and prerequisites, as well as paying for malpractice insurance, technology, and other ballooning costs.

The only guarantee in health care reform is that it is guaranteed to cause a controversy! No one seems quite certain on how best to reform healthcare in America. What are your thoughts? The experts have weighed in - you can too!

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