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Andrea Santiago

4 Creepy Health "SCARE-eers"

By October 31, 2013

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What are the creepiest "healthscare careers"?

Earlier this week, a creepy coroner's career was featured here, just in time for the scariest time of year. For Halloween, let's take a closer look at a few other creepy "health SCARE-eers":

Phlebotomist: Drawing blood comes naturally for vampires, but you can learn how to do it too! However, as a phlebotomist, you'd draw blood with a syringe, not with your fangs!

Surgeon: What is more creepy than cutting into people, opening them up, and removing body parts, and/or repairing body parts, and then sewing them back up again? Surgeons have a pretty creepy career, but as long as they use their surgical skills for good and not for evil, they're not too frightening.

Forensic Pathologist: These are the people who examine dead bodies to find out what killed them ... eek!  Coroners are typically forensic pathologists.

Anesthesiologist: (Honorable mention) An anesthesiologist once told me that being an anesthesiologist is almost like killing people and then bringing them back to life. Sounds pretty scary to me! Of course, these doctors don't really kill people, but they do put them into a very deep, almost death-like sleep so they can't feel any pain during invasive surgical procedures. It only takes one wrong dose or mishap by the anesthesiologist, and the patient might really never ever wake up. (Cue screeching violins!)

What other health careers do you think could qualify as a creepy, spooky health SCARE-eer?

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