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Health Careers April 2010 Archive


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Adapt Your Career to a Tough Economy

Thursday April 29, 2010
Even though there are some gradual signs of the job market turning around, the unemployment rate still hovers near 10 percent, and job creation in healthcare has slowed somewhat from ... Read More

Health IT Offers Diversity, Advancement

Sunday April 25, 2010
Diversity/Careers magazine recently featured healthcare IT careers, including a very helpful list of nine diversity-minded healthcare companies for easy reference in your job search.  The companies on the list include health insurance, biotechnology, ... Read More

Two Dead in Knoxville Tenn. Hospital Shooting

Monday April 19, 2010
Multiple sources including The New York Times and the Associated Press have reported on an apparent "random act of violence" occuring earlier today at about 4:30pm Eastern time.  According to the news reports, ... Read More

Dealing with Job Stress and Burn-out

Sunday April 18, 2010
The medical profession is a highly stressful one, and handling job stress to prevent burn-out is paramount for healthcare professionals. While most jobs include some degree of stress, health careers ... Read More

Nursing Degree - BSN or MSN?

Thursday April 15, 2010
Which nursing degree is best for you?  Only you can determine the answer to that question.  So how do you figure out which degree would be the best option for ... Read More

Careers in Mental Health Care

Sunday April 11, 2010
Careers in mental health care remain in high demand even during an economic downturn.  In fact, demand for mental health care often increases in a recession, due to the additional ... Read More

Careers in Public Health

Wednesday April 7, 2010
This week is National Public Health Week, from April 5 - 11, according to the American Public Health Association (APHA).  Public health involves researching and educating a population to help prevent or manage health issues ... Read More

Healthcare Adds 27,000 Jobs in March

Friday April 2, 2010
Healthcare is adding jobs, and the industry is growing at a faster rate than the previous 12 months.  Healthcare gained 27,000 jobs in March, while the average growth has been ... Read More

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