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Healthcare IT Certifications

Which healthcare IT certifications will help you get hired in health IT? If you are seeking a career in healthcare IT, what training and certifications do you need to get a job in this field? Learn more about which certifications are in greatest demand, and where to go to find them.

Nurses Week May 2013

All about Nurses' Week and Nurses' Month in May 2013

Regulatory Affairs Careers

What careers are available in Regulatory Affairs? Regulatory affairs professions are an integral part of the healthcare industry, particularly regarding pharmaceuticals, but often these careers get overlooked when young people are deciding upon a career path.

Moonlighting Medical Jobs - Should You Work a Second Job?

People consider moonlighting, or working a second job, for many reasons. Moonlighting can impact your career in many ways, positively and negatively. Should you take a second job? Before you jump into moonlighting, you may want to carefully consider how the second job would meet your professional needs, and how it would impact your primary health career.

Medical and Healthcare Real Estate Careers

If you are interested in real estate and want to work in a field that is growing despite a slow economy, medical real estate may be a great option for you. Learn how to develop a career in healthcare real estate development, such as medical office buildings, hospitals, and outpatient centers.

What is Music Therapy?

What is music therapy? To learn more about careers as a music therapist, you should first understand what music therapy entails and how it benefits patients. Learn more about the basic uses for music therapy and see if a career as a music therapist may be a potential fit for you.

Music Therapist Careers

Are you interested in becoming a music therapist? Learn more about this unique, growing healthcare career and see if a career as a music therapist is a potential fit for you.

Nurse Educator Careers

If you love nursing and you love teaching too, a career as a nurse educator may be a great fit for you! Learn more about what careers are available in nurse education and how to become a nurse educator.

How to Transfer Your Skills to Health IT Project Management

How to transfer your skills to a career in health information management or health IT project management.

How To Become A Chiropractor

What is a chiropractor and how does one become a chiropractor? Learn more about chiropractic careers

What is Pain Management?

What is pain management? What careers are available in pain management? Pain management is a medical specialty related to anesthesiology. As its name suggests, pain management practitioners treat their patients for chronic debilitating pain, to help them live normal pain-free lives.

Psychiatric Nursing Careers

Psychiatric nursing is another highly challenging but rewarding health career. Explore a career as a psychiatric nurse and learn more about the job duties, skill requirements, perks and challenges of a career in psychiatric nursing

Pharmacy School

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, you must first successful complete pharmacy school and obtain a PharmD degree. Learn more about pharmacy school and how to get accepted.

What is Medical Residency Training? All About Medical Residency Training

All about medical residency training - a brief overview, who must complete it, and when. Also, an overview of the differenct types of residencies and how to research them.

How to Become a Dance Movement Therapist

Learn how to become a dance movement therapist, and about the how dance movement therapy is utilized in a clinical setting.

Neurosurgeon - How to Become a Neurosurgeon

Neurosurgeon career overview - how to become a neurosurgeon.

Medical Dosimetrist - How to Become a Medical Dosimetrist

What is a dosimetrist, and how do you become a dosimetrist?

Biomedical Engineer Careers

Interested in becoming a biomedical engineer? If you enjoy biology, engineering, and medicine, a career as a biomedical engineer may be for you.

Break Into A Healthcare Career

Are you seeking a medical job, but you don't have any industry experience or related education? These tips will help you make the transition into the exciting healthcare field, no experience required!

LVN - How To Become An LVN - Licensed Vocational Nurse

How to become an LVN, or Licensed Vocational Nurse

Forensic Nursing Careers

What is forensic nursing and what careers are available in forensic nursing? Learn more about how to obtain the education and training needed for a career as a forensic nurse.

EMR-proof Your Medical Job

Are you worried about losing your job to EMR? Your job will change when EMR is implemented, but if you can stay ahead of the curve, and change with it, you will be able to save your job and remain gainfully employed!

Military Medical Careers

Military medical careers offer yet another stable employment option for doctors, nurses, or allied healthcare professionals. Learn more about military medical jobs and careers.

How to Become an Infectious Disease Physician

What does an infectious disease physician do, and how do I become an infectious disease specialist?

What is Mohs Surgery?

What is Mohs surgery?

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