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Health Career Advancement - Manage Your Healthcare Career for Success

You've got a great job in the Healthcare field, and now you want to maximize your success through career advancement and promotion. Here's how to position yourself for optimum advancement and success in your health career, including on-the-job tips, and ideas on how to ask for a raise or apply for a promotion.

Social Networking Sites for Medical Professionals
There are so many social networking sites available - which ones should you join? In addition to the general sites for all professionals, such as LinkedIn, there are many social networks online that are specifically designed for healthcare workers. Some websites are more broad, targeting anyone in the healthcare industry, while some social networks consist of one type of healthcare professional,…

How to Manage and Adapt Your Health Career during a Recession
How to adapt and manage your healthcare career for optimum success and stability during a recession

Career Advice for Nurses, From Nurses
Nurses: If you had it to do all over again, what do you wish you had done differently? If you could give someone the career advice you wish someone had given you, what would that advice be? Share your experience with people just starting out or considering a career in nursing.

Characteristics of a Mentor - How to Find a Mentor to Help Grow Your Career
What makes a mentor a good one? What characteristics should you seek in a mentor to help you grow and develop in your career? These quick tips will help you find a great mentor to help grow your health career.

How to Transfer Your Skills to Health IT Project Management
How to transfer your skills to a career in health information management or health IT project management.

New Year...New Career? Resolutions for Healthcare Professionals
New Year's Resolutions for the Healthcare Professional, whether you're blissfully employed, or actively seeking a new job, these tips will help you to tweak your career or give it an extreme makeover if needed!

Do's and Don'ts for Working with a Professional Recruiter
Tips for working with your recruiter and maximizing results, as well as what to avoid when working with recruiters.

How to Succeed in a Medical Office - Interview with a Hiring Manager
Tips on how to be successful in a medical office environment, from an office manager who is a nurse by trade.

How to Ask for a Raise - A Few Quick Tips
One simple way to advance your career is to ask for a raise, and increase your salary without changing jobs or taking on any additional responsibility. Follow these easy steps and you just may get the raise more easily than you thought possible!

Networking - A Most Valuable Tool to Advance Your Career
Networking is one of the number one ways to enhance your career. Learn how to leverage your existing contacts, and meet new people, who may be able to increase your level of success in the very near future.

Advance Your Health Career with a New Employer
If you are struggling to advance your career and just cannot seem to get anywhere or make further progress in your current company, it may be time to move on to a new job, with a different employer. About's guide to Career Planning provides some ideas to help you decide when a career change is the best option for you.

Should You Call in Sick for Work?
Should you call in sick for work? Before you call in sick, consider the consequences on your career, and on your patients' health.

Should You Work a Second Job? Moonlighting Medical Jobs
People consider moonlighting, or working a second job, for many reasons. Moonlighting can impact your career in many ways, positively and negatively. Should you take a second job? Before you jump into moonlighting, you may want to carefully consider how the second job would meet your professional needs, and how it would impact your primary...

Social Media Tips for Healthcare Professionals
Social media is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, but it can also get you fired if used inappropriately. Here are four tips for using social media and keeping your medical job.

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