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Advance Your Health Career


Learn how to advance your career as a healthcare professional. Whether you seek a promotion, a raise, or advancement to a higher level of responsibility, these resources and tips may help.
  1. Manage Your Health Career
  2. Compensation Resources
  3. Changing Careers
  4. Professional Development

Manage Your Health Career

General career management, advancement and promotion tips to step up your health career.

Compensation Resources

Information and resources to determine salary ranges for various careers, and to confirm if you are being paid what you are worth in the industry.

Changing Careers

If you are looking to make the transition into the healthcare field, learn how to make the transition as smoothly as possible. If you are already working in the healthcare field, and are seeking a change of pace, more money, or a different level of responsibility, here are some tips to finding a new, improved health career.

Professional Development

Even if you're happy with your current career, and you're not looking to move on or move up, there are several ways you can maintain and enrich your current career. Particularly in the healthcare field, you must stay current in your field to maintain your licensure and certifications, as well as your knowledge level of any advancements or changes in your respective medical specialty or field. Professional societies, continuing education, and professional networking are excellent ways to achieve this.

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