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Senior Care Jobs

Eldercare Workers are In Demand


The field of senior care is growing at an extremely rapid pace. Learn more about the senior care industry and potential medical job options in senior care, also known as eldercare. The increasing life expectancy in the U.S., and growing population of aging people is creating a high demand for medical workers to help provide care to older Americans. As Baby Boomers age, they are creating an intensified demand due to the size and longevity of that generation.

Senior Care Industry Overview:

Caregiverlist.com, a service that connects seniors with professional caregivers, recently announced its Senior Care Employment Index which monitors the eldercare job industry.

Based on this index, the senior care industry has grown by 40% since 2008 (as of early 2013), and more than 4,000 caregivers and CNAs are hired monthly just through Caregiverlist.com.

There are nearly 11,000 senior care agencies in the United States. One thousand new agencies opened in 2012 alone. Each agency is hiring about three to six new senior caregivers per week!

Top 20 Cities for Senior Care Employment

According to Caregiverlist.com, the cities with the greatest demand and highest employment rates in senior care are: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles/Orange County, Miami, New York City Metro Area, Orlando, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Philadelphia/Cherry Hill, NJ, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa/Sarasota, Washington DC Metro Area.

Employers and Work Settings for Senior Care Jobs

Senior care jobs are available in residential nursing homes that specialize in providing care to seniors. In addition, senior care workers are also needed in hospitals, senior centers, VA facilities, and home health care.

According to Caregiverlist.com, 4,000 additional senior home care agencies have opened since 2008, for a total of over 10,000 senior home care agencies operating nationwide.

Senior Care Jobs in Greatest Demand

The following are the four most common healthcare jobs needed in senior care:
  • Companion Caregiver: This role requires no training, "other than a caring personality", according to Caregiverlist.com. Personal experience is an added bonus, but not a requirement.
  • Certified Caregiver: This role requires completion of a 10-hour basic caregiver training.
  • Certified Home Health Aide: Some states, such as NJ, FL, and CA, require formal training and standardized testing for home health aides.
  • Certified Nursing Aide (CNA): CNAs must take a state-approved CNA course and pass the state examination.

In addition to the above roles, there is also some need for nurses and physicians in senior care (geriatrics) as well. Geriatricians are physicians who have completed additional fellowship training in senior care, but also general primary care physicians care for seniors as well.

Future Demand for Senior Care Workers

Regarding the projected future growth of the eldercare industry, Julie Northcutt, CEO of Caregiverlist.com states, "The future of senior caregiving is going to continue to exponentially grow as the number of seniors in America will increase by 75% in the next decade. There will be a lot of larger companies expanding through acquisitions of smaller, locally managed agencies along with hospitals getting involved to help senior care remain local," she adds. "Bottom line, we need more senior caregivers since the need is growing so quickly."

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