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Healthcare Compensation - How You'll Get Paid, and How Much

Most healthcare jobs are employed positions paid on a set salary. However some are paid per hour or per shift. Also you could become a contractor, and as a physician you may want to own your own practice which involves another whole set of factors which will influence your annual income. Learn how you'll be paid, and how much you can expect to earn.

Highest Paying Medical Jobs
Which medical careers pay the highest amount of money? Find out which healthcare jobs will enable you to earn the most. A variety of health careers, including clinical and administrative, make the list of highest paying medical jobs.

Medical Jobs and Salaries
If you are researching medical jobs, you probably want to know how much each profession earns on average. This quick reference will help you to learn about medical jobs and the average salaries.

Nurse salaries
What salary can you expect to earn as a nurse? That depends upon the type of nurse you will be, the nursing degree you obtain, and many other factors. Learn more about the salaries for various types of nurses.

Doctor Salaries
How much do doctors earn? Physician income varies widely by specialty and type of practice. This list provides average salary data for several different types of medical doctors.

Physician Salaries and Compensation Structures
All about physician salaries and compensation, including income guarantees and resident pay.

Physician Assistant Salaries by Specialty
Physician assistants, or PAs, are growing in demand along with many other medical careers. Like doctors, physician assistants can specialize in certain areas, and salaries vary accordingly. Find out which PAs earn the most and which earn the list, based on their medical specialty.

Income Guarantee - How Does an Income Guarantee Work? (Physicians)
What is an income guarantee, and how does it work in terms of physician compensation?

Are You Being Paid What You Are Worth? Salary Calculators and Other Sources
Are you being paid what you are worth for your job? How do you find out, and what should you do if you find that you are being under-paid? Here are a few quick tips for medical professionals regarding how to research salary and compensation for your job, and whether or not you should take action.

Do Doctors Earn a Higher Physician Salary in Small Towns or Larger Cities?
Do physicians earn more in large cities or small towns? Which practice setting provides a higher physician salary or annual compensation? Learn about differences in physician salary by town size and population.

Top 3 Nursing Careers: Highest Pay, Greatest Industry Demand
There are so many different types and levels of nurses, it can be overwhelming to decide which nursing field to choose. If salary and job security are at the top of your list of deciding factors, this list may help you narrow the field of options for you.

Top 5 Highest Paying Physician Careers
Which doctors earn the most money? If you are considering a career as a physician, compensation may be a key factor for you. Learn more about the highest-paying physician careers.

Asking for a Raise - Quick Tips
Quick tips on asking for a raise. Increase your income with a few simple steps.

Pharmacist Median Salary by Years of Experience - Payscale.com
Payscale.com's pharmacist salary chart is always current. Learn more about average pharmacist annual salaries by years of experience.

Allied Healthcare Compensation - American Medical Association
The AMA offers comprehensive data on a variety of allied healthcare careers for quick reference.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs with an Associate's Degree
CNN.com ranks the top paying jobs for people with an Associate's degree. FIVE of the ten are in the Healthcare field, specifially Allied healthcare.

Physician Compensation - Basic Overview
Most physicians are business owners of their own private practice. Therefore it is helpful to understand how physicians are compensated and what factors affect the bottom line of a practice. The New England Journal of Medicine offers a breakdown of the structure and an overview of what it all means to future physicians.

Lowest Paying Physician Careers
While money often is not the primary reason people decide to become doctors, money often factors into the decision when choosing a medical specialty. Due to the large amount of debt prospective physicians often incur during the many years of additional school and training, earning potential can be very important for some physician candidates. Find out which physician careers pay the lowest of al…

Salary Wizard - Absolutely Healthcare
Absolutely Healthcare provides a Salary Wizard to help you determine compensation ranges for a variety of medical jobs.

How Much Money Do Optometrists Earn?
How much money do optometrists earn annually on average? Find out what salary you can expect to earn if you plan to become an optometrist.

How Much Money Does a Neurosurgeon Earn?
How much do neurosurgeons get paid? Neurosurgeons are among the highest earning surgeons. Learn more about neurosurgeon salary averages.

How Much Money Does an Anesthesiologist Earn on Average?
How much do anesthesiologists earn? Learn more about the salary expectations for physicians who practice anesthesiology.

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