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Global Health Corps Fellowship Program Offers a Head Start in Healthcare


What is Global Health Corps? Brief Overview:

According to a representative of Global Health Corps (GHC), GHC "enlists recent graduates and young professionals to fight for global health equity through a year-long fellowship program with healthcare organizations and government agencies in U.S. cities and Sub-Saharan Africa, including Uganda." Some of the agencies with which GHC partners is the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Gardens for Health, and Population Services International.

Who are GHC Fellowship Candidates? A Few Facts:

Fellows come from a range of backgrounds, and do not necessarily have a background in healthcare. "Architects, consultants, teachers, etc. are paired with other fellows from the home country in which they are working, which allows for cross-cultural sharing of knowledge," states Anne McPherson, Community Engagement Associate for GHC.

"Throughout the fellowship year, Global Health Corps provides training in partnership with Yale University, as well as mentorship, and professional development opportunities. Therefore, fellows leave the program equipped to be global health change makers," McPherson adds.

Since its inception, Global Health Corps has placed 216 fellows to work with non-profit and government partners focused on healthcare delivery. The current class contains 90 fellows, from 12 countries, working with 34 various organizations.

Mission, Vision, and History of Global Health Corps:

All who are involved with Global Health Corps share a common belief: Health is a human right. This is the common thread that ties all of the GHC staff, fellows, partners, and projects together.

GHC was founded by Barbara Bush, who also serves as the CEO of the organization. The organization achieves many things, but there are three core accomplishments the fellowship program provides:

  • Train and support future leaders
  • Build a global community of changemakers
  • Increase the impact of key healthcare organizations

Who Should Apply:

If you are a college graduate, under 30, and speak fluent English, you are eligible to apply for the GHC fellowship program. You must have a passion for global and public health issues, as well as an interest in working in the healthcare field.

Applications are available online at the Global Health Corps website.

According to representatives from GHC, there is no one "right" type of candidate for the fellowship program. They are looking for recent graduates and young professionals who are outstanding both in their achievements and in their approach to leadership. The ideal fellow is someone who can work collaboratively, is committed to social equality, and is able to inspire and motivate others with a strong, clear vision and communication skills. Additionally, fellows should be adaptive and innovative, able to overcome challenges and obstacles, and have a strong self-awareness and commitment to learning and growing as practitioners and leaders.

Types of Placements Available:

When you apply, you can apply openly for any available placement, or you can request a particular field. You may also choose from international or U.S. placements. Some of the available fields of work are:
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Design and Construction Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Operations
  • Community Mobilization
  • Research and Strategy
  • Partnership and Fundraising
  • Distance Learning
  • Access to Medicines Analyst
  • Grants Officer
  • Documentation and Communication
  • Advocacy and Communications
  • Call Center Software Engineer
  • Capacity Building Initiatives and New Programs
  • Community Learning Operations Officer
The above is NOT a comprehensive list - there are many other placements available, so be sure to check the GHC website for a complete list of positions. As you can see from the extensive placement list above, there is a very wide range of work assignments available for candidates with a variety of skills and qualifications.

For More Information on the Global Health Corps and Fellowship Program:

Visit GHC online at www.ghcorps.org, and follow GHC on Twitter.

To see a video of a GHC fellow at work, view a video of a former architect who is now building hospitals in Rwanda, or of a woman teaching Zambian nurses how to use EHR.

Other videos are available on the GHC's YouTube Channel, and you can even follow GHC on Pinterest.

When to Apply:

Applications for the upcoming year typically take place from December through February. The applications for the 2013-2014 fellowship year open in December of 2012 and close on February 3, 2013. Additionally, the required letters of recommendation are due as a follow up to the application by February 20,2013.
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