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Paying for Education Costs - How to Pay for Your Healthcare Education

Learn what options are available for you to gain financial assistance with your education and training for Healthcare Careers.

Save Money on College Tuition - Start Early, Plan Ahead to Save Big on Tuition
Saving money for college is becoming increasingly challenging, as costs of living and inflation outpace increases in income. By making a few key choices early in your educational career, you could shave thousands of dollars off of your tuition bill.

5 Ways to Pay for Your College or Medical School without Piling on Debt
Five ways, other than student loans, to help pay for your college, or medical school education needed for the health career you want.

Clinique Nursing Scholarship - How to Apply for Clinique Nursing Scholarship
Learn about the Clinique Nursing Scholarship program and how to apply. If you are thinking of becoming a nurse, this program could help your dream career a reality!

The Basics of Financial Aid for College
Trying to figure out how to finance a college education doesn't have to be difficult. These financial aid basics will help you decide if financial aid is right for you.

Student Loans 101
Justin Pritchard, our Guide to Banking / Loans provides wonderful information about student loans and how they work from start to finish.

College Scholarships for Teens
A college scholarship can be a great way to ease the stress and financial burden of tuition, but you need to be careful of scams. Denise Witmer offers a great list of college scholarships for teens.

Financial Aid and Scholarships for Medical School
More about financial aid and scholarships specifically for medical school.

Would You Use a 'Sugar Daddy' to Pay Your College Tuition?
There are many ways to pay for your college education, as many health careers require a college degree, some at graduate levels. However, would you turn to a "sugar daddy" for help paying for tuition? Thousands of women are registering online as "sugar babies" to help pay their way through college and obtain their ideal healthcare career.

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