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Getting the Job - How to Secure Your Dream Job in Healthcare

You have trained and studied and passed the exams. Now you're ready to put all that education and training to work. Learn how to navigate the interview and application process, including how and where to apply, how to prepare your CV and cover letter, and what to do in the interview to get the best job offer!

How to Change Careers to Healthcare
Are you trying to change careers from one to another? If you are seeking a career change, especially into the healthcare field, learn how to increase your chances for success in the transition from one career to another. Healthcare is one of the most rapidly growing fields, so therefore it can be one of the best into which to make a career change.

5 Personal Habits That Could Kill Your Health Career
If you want to work in a hospital, your personal habits could prohibit you from obtaining a hospital job. Hospitals continue to impose a number of background restrictions and personal health requirements that can prohibit job applicants from being hired. Find out what habits you should kick now to increase your chances of being hired by a hospital.

Cover Letter Tips for Medical Job Applicants
If you are applying for a medical job, these cover letter tips will help you get noticed and stand out among the pool of applicants.

When You Need to Send a Cover Letter with your CV
When applying for jobs in nursing, allied health, a physician, or other medical career, when is a cover letter necessary to accompany your CV? Is it ever okay just to send your CV without a cover letter, or do you always need to send a letter with your CV?

Interview for a Medical Job - Job Interview Tips for Medical …
One of the most critical stages of the job search process is the job interview. Whether youre interviewing for an entry level, hourly wage job, a hospital executive role, or a clinical role such as nursing or physician jobs, here are a few key steps you can take to assure that youre prepared for your interview. Thorough preparation prior to your interview will help ensure your success in …

How Volunteering Can Help Your Health Career
Volunteering in a healthcare setting is a great way to help meet your career goals while you are also helping other people. Learn more about how and why to become a healthcare volunteer.

Nursing Interview Attire - What to Wear to a Nursing Interview
What should you wear to a nursing interview? Should you wear scrubs or standard interview attire? Learn more about this frequently asked question!

5 Tips for Leveraging Your Doximity Profile to Build Your Medical Career
Finding a new job or practice as a physician can be very overwhelming due to the seemingly endless opportunities for some specialties particularly. Learn how to streamline your search by using social media to help connect with opportunities.

Select a Recruiter to Assist you with Your Health Career Search
How do you know which recruiters will be able to help you and which ones are a waste of time? This article will help you select a recruiter to help you with your career search.

Break Into A Healthcare Career
Are you seeking a medical job, but you don't have any industry experience or related education? These tips will help you make the transition into the exciting healthcare field, no experience required!

Twitter for Medical Professionals - Networking and Medical Job Search on Twitter
Twitter can be a valuable tool in your search for a medical job. Twitter is also an excellent resource for networking within the healthcare industry. Learn more about how to utilize Twitter and how to connect with the right people within the medical field on Twitter.

Resume' and CV Writing Tips for Medical Jobs
Your resume' or CV creates a first impression of your qualifications to a prospective employer. Learn more about how to compose a winning CV with these simple resume' writing tips for medical professionals.

Interview for a Medical Job - Job Interview Tips for Medical Job Seekers
One of the most critical stages of the job search process is the job interview. Thorough preparation prior to your medical job interview will help ensure your success in getting the offer, or at least advancing to the next step of the job interview process.

Medical Job Search - How to Get a Medical Job - Career Planning for Medical Jobs
So you want a health career. . . now what? The process of finding a job, especially for the first time in a particular field, can be overwhelming at times. However if you plan ahead, think through your decisions, and break the process down into manageable steps, you can successfully achieve your career goals and get the medical job of your dreams!

Seven Deadly Sins of Job Interviews - Top Seven Things NOT to Do on an Interview
Congratulations! You've secured an interview for a wonderful job! That's great, and now it is time to plan for a successful interview. Even if you're interviewing in a high-demand field such as nursing or medicine, the interview can make or break your opportunity. Here are seven key things to avoid when interviewing.

Healthcare Networking - Get a Great Job by Networking Contacts
Networking is a valuable tool to enhance your job search. Learn how to increase your visibility in the market with a few easy activities.

Before You Select a Recruiter - 5 Quick Questions to Ask a Recruiter
How do you know which recruiters will be able to help you and which ones are a waste of time? This article will help you select an effective recruiter to help you with your career search.

Medical Job Boards - Search and Apply for Healthcare Careers
Job boards are a great tool for searching jobs and applying on-line. Here are a few job boards which are geared specifically toward the healthcare industry.

Strategies and Tips to Ace the Job Interview
Alison Doyle, About's Guide to Job Searching, provides a few simple ideas for interviewing success.

Writing a Curriculum Vitae - How to Perfect Your CV for Job Search
Healthcare professionals typically apply for positions by submitting a Curriculum Vitae to a potential employer. A Curriculum Vitae is a more in-depth and detailed resume' which showcases your education, training, past experience, publications, and research. About's guide to Job Searching, Alison Doyle, provides an overview of how to develop a strong CV.

Cover Letter Tips for Medical Professionals

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