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Emergency Medical Services - Jobs and Careers


What is Emergency Medical Services? Overview of EMS:

Emergency medical services includes careers such as paramedic, EMT (emergency medical technician), also known as first responders. Emergency medical services professionals often respond to emergency situations such as heart attacks, head injuries, car accidents, fires, or crime scenes. Depending on the type of role and level of certification, emergency medicine services professionals provide basic first aid or life-sustaining support such as CPR. They do what is necessary to stabilize and transport patients via an ambulance to a hospital if needed, for continued care from a physician.

Careers in Emergency Medical Services:

Who better to give you all of the details about careers in emergency medical services than About.com's own Guide to First Aid, Rod Brouhard? Rod is certainly passionate about his field, and it shows! When I asked Rod about his experience working in emergency medical services, he replied, "I love this job. It’s the greatest job in the world and the best of all health careers. (I may be a little biased!)"

Rod has written several articles about careers in emergency medical services:

Training Programs in Emergency Medical Services:

According to Rod, training is offered at hospitals, community colleges, and through some ambulance services. Becoming a paramedic can take up to 18-24 months; EMT training takes less time typically. Rod provides some additional tips on training for emergency medical services:
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