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Medical Librarian Careers


What Is A Medical Librarian? Brief Overview:

According to the Medical Library Association (MLA), medical librarians "provide health information about new medical treatments, clinical trials and standard trials procedures, tests, and equipment to physicians, allied health professionals, patients, consumers, and corporations."

Medical librarians conduct research, help retrieve information, and update information pertinent to patient care, diagnosis, and treatment.

Skill Requirements for Medical Librarians:

Medical librarians must not only love working with people, but interacting with them continually, and providing service and assistance to people in a variety of roles, such as physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals. Therefore, excellent written and oral communication skills are needed.

In addition to strong people skills, medical librarians need to be technologically savvy, as well as skilled in instructional content design, budget planning, and information management, according to the MLA website.

Educational Requirements for Medical Librarians:

The minimum education level is a Master's degree in Library and Information Science, from a program that is accredited by the American Library Association.

Where Medical Librarians Work:

Medical librarians may be employed by hospitals, universities, nursing schools, technical schools, public health agencies, to name a few options.

Medical librarians may also work for corporations in the medical industry such as pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers.

Average Salary for Medical Librarians:

According to Salary.com, the median income for medical librarians nationwide is in the low to mid-$50,000 range. However, chief librarians and directors of medical libraries can earn much more, sometimes over $100,000 annually.
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