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Regina Rackow, Pulmonary Function Technologist at the Pediatric Pulmonary Clinic at Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital
Definition: A pulmonologist is a physician (MD, or DO degree) who specializes in the field of pulmonary medicine. Pulmonary medicine is a subspecialty of internal medicine. Pulmonary medicine, or pulmonology, entails the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, conditions, and abnormalities of the lungs and cardio-pulmonary system. The cardio-pulmonary system consists of the heart, lungs, blood vessels and all organs that work together to help a person breathe, in order to take in oxygen, and oxygenate the blood.

Pulmonologists treat breathing disorders, and may also specialize in some treatment of sleep disorders, severe allergies, and other lung conditions and diseases. Some pulmonologists may also subspecialize in critical care medicine, treating patients in the ICU.

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