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Healthcare Employers - Where to Work in the Medical Industry

You may be aware that many healthcare jobs are in hospitals or doctors' offices. Did you know that, as a medical professional, you could also work on a cruise ship, in your home, or even in a morgue? Here you may discover interesting locales for medical jobs, and learn more about the healthcare environment and potential employers.

Hospital Careers
What careers are available in a hospital? If you want to work in a hospital, there are many career options for any education level, from high school diploma to doctorate level. Even if you don't like working with patients or people, there may be a hospital career that's right for you.

Medical Office Jobs
Medical office jobs have remained in very high demand, even in times of recession or economic downtimes. Medical office jobs are also known as ambulatory jobs, or jobs in outpatient care. Both clinical and non-clinical jobs are available in medical office settings. Learn more about the variety of careers available in medical offices, clinics, and other ambulatory settings.

Medical Jobs in Schools
If you are not interested in working in a hospital or doctor's office, there are still plenty of medical careers available in other settings. Working in schools or educational institutions is a popular choice for many medical professionals. The hours are great, and if you love working with children or young adults, and you have a passion for education, working in a school may be a great …

Medical Laboratory Jobs -
What types of jobs are available in a medical laboratory, and what are the salaries and educational requirements? Learn more about medical laboratory jobs and how to find them.

Medical Employers and Practice Environments
There are a variety of places and facilities where you can find medical jobs. Everyone thinks of working at a hospital, or the doctor's office, but there are medical professionals everywhere, in many different types of companies and facilities. Learn more about where to find medical jobs from some unique and interesting medical employers.

American Heart Association (AHA) Employer Profile - Overview of Jobs at the AHA
The American Heart Association offers "jobs with heart". Learn more about the hundreds of possible careers available at the American Heart Association, a non-profit group which advocates heart health.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Employer Profile
A variety of healthcare careers are available at the CDC, which is a government organization.

What Healthcare Careers Are Available in Correctional Medicine?
What is correctional medicine and what careers are available in correctional medicine? Learn more about correctional healthcare careers.

Employer Profile - Hospitals
Hospitals offer many job options in variety of professions. The hospital career profile provides an overview of some of the available jobs as well as where to look to find hospital jobs.

Government Medical Jobs in Federal or Government Agencies
Working for a government agency is one of many options for healthcare professionals. Learn more about working for a government agency.

Interview with a Hiring Manager - How to Succeed in a Medical Office Environment
Meg Parker, a former nurse and current manager of a busy pediatric medical office, talks about what it's like to work in a medical office, and offers tips on how to get the job and keep your job.

Johns Hopkins Hospital - Employer Profile
Already a top medical facility in the US and in the world, Johns Hopkins Hospital was further popularized by a hit TV series on ABC, simply titled 'Hopkins'. Learn more about medical careers at this fascinating medical institution.

Medical Careers in the Military - Overview
The New England Journal of Medicine provides a very comprehensive, detailed look at medical careers in the military, primarily for physicians but also nursing as well.

Medical Jobs in Non-Profit Organizations
Should you look for a medical job in a non-profit organization? Non-profits offer a variety of medical job options.

Medical Jobs on a Cruise Ship - Set Sail with these Health Careers
Start each workday with a Bon Voyage. See the world; be the next Doc Bricker (that's from "The Love Boat" for those of you who are under age 30). If you're single and mobile and have sea legs, check out these medical careers on a Cruise Ship!

Tenet Health System - Employer Profile for Tenet Health
Tenet Health is one of the largest health systems in the United States. Learn more about this healthcare employer.

What is Hospice?
Explains what hospice care is and what it involves.

What Jobs are Available in Hospice?
Information about different jobs available in hospice.

Where can you Work in Hospice Care?
Information about different types of places that you might work if you choose a career in hospice care.

Civilian Corps - Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) Offers Thousands of Medical Jobs
What is the U.S. Army Medical Command(MEDCOM)? There are thousands of medical jobs available in this civilian corps that supports the military. These medical jobs offer many of the benefits of working for the military, without having to worry about deployment.

Best and Worst States for Nurses 2014
Where are the best states for nurses to work? Which states are the worst places for nurses to work? An annual report reveals which states are most nurse-friendly and provide the best places for nurses to work.

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