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Government Medical Jobs in Federal or Government Agencies


Overview of Working in Federal or Government Agencies:

Government organizations or federal agencies are one type of employer you can choose in the medical field. Government agencies are run by the US government and funded through taxes or other government budget appropriations. As an employee of a federal agency or organization, you are an employee of the US government.

Government and Federal Agencies Hiring Medical Professionals:

Some examples of federal agencies where you may find medical jobs:
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • National Institute of Health (NIH)
  • US Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines)
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Your State or County Health Department

Types of Jobs Available in Government Agencies:

As you can see from the wide variety of facilities above, there is a diverse array of jobs available in government agencies, including both clinical and non-clinical jobs.

Clinical roles such as nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals are needed. Non-clinical roles of all types such as administrative assistants, researchers, financial professionals, analysts, executives, and many more.

What's to Like About Working for a Federal or Government Agency:

If you enjoy giving back to your country, working for a government agency could give you a great sense of pride. Additionally, job stability and security is typically very high for government agencies, once you are able to get in as an employee. Additionally, the benefits and vacation are usually better than average for government workers.

What's Not to Like::

As you may know, government agencies tend to be very bureaucratic, meaning that there are many levels and layers of management involved in every decision and operation within the facility, which can slow down the pace if you're trying to make changes or incorporate new ideas.

If you're seeking a progressive environment, a government agency may not be the best choice for you. Also, unless you're working in a very small-town health clinic, most government agencies are large organizations with a large amount of employees. Therefore, if you're not comfortable working in a big company, or if you prefer a more quite, close-knit environment, government work may not be for you.

Whether you decide to work for a federal (national) organization, a state organization, or a local/county facility, government medical careers can be very rewarding.
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