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Medical Jobs in Non-Profit Organizations


Medical Jobs in Non-Profit Organizations:

There are hundreds of non-profit organizations and companies hiring medical professionals. According to Joanne Fritz, About.com's Guide to Non-profits, non-profit organizations are those that have been formed to achieve a mission or promote a cause, not for commercial gain or profit.

Non-profit organizations related to healthcare may include:

Now Hiring:

A few examples of non-profit foundations and companies hiring clinical and non-clinical medical professionals:

Variety of Jobs Available:

In addition to nurses and doctors and other clinicians, non-profits also hire fund-raisers, event planners, educators, and a variety of administrative and executive roles.

What's to Like about Medical Jobs in Non-profit Organizations:

People who work in healthcare generally enjoy helping people, and that is probably even more true of health professionals who work at non-profits, where "working for a cause" is the mission and culture of the organization.

If you have a passion or driving force that is represented by an advocacy group or professional association, wouldn't it be great to get paid to fight for a cause?

What's Not to Like:

Fundraising is always a constant concern for non-profits, and in tough times, it can impact your career. Some of the larger, more established non-profits are very well-funded, and therefore they remain strong even in a weak economy. However, non-profits typically run on limited budgets, so the long-term financial potential and job stability can be limited as well.
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