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Medical Jobs in Schools

What Medical Careers are Available in School Settings?


If you are not interested in working in a hospital or doctor's office, there are still plenty of medical careers available in other settings. Working in schools or educational institutions is a popular choice for many medical professionals. The hours are great, and if you love working with children or young adults, and you have a passion for education, working in a school may be a great option for you!

1. Speech and Language Pathologist

Speech and language pathologists help diagnose and treat a variety of speech impediments and challenges. Through intensive therapy and verbal exercises, speech and languate pathologists help correct any speech disorders.

2. School Nurse

School nurses enjoy a very rewarding career. All types and levels of schools have needs for school nurses, including public and private schools, elementary schools, high schools, and universities.

3. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help clients work with a variety of challenges, including movement disorders, mental or emotional impairments, or other issues. Occupational therapy was selected as one of the 150 most recession-proof careers.

4. Medical Social Worker

Medical social workers often have a presence in schools to help work with kids at risk or in need of assistance and support. Students are assisted by medical social workers for a variety of reasons, including emotional needs, abusive situations, or addictions.

5. School Counselor

School counselors assist students with a variety of mental health needs such as depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD) or other learning disorders, anxiety, or addictions, to name a few. Most school counselors have a background in either psychiatry, or psychology.

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