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CME - What is CME? (Continuing Medical Education)


Question: CME - What is CME? (Continuing Medical Education)
What is CME?
Answer: CME is an acronym that stands for Continuing Medical Education. As a licensed healthcare professional, most likely you would be required to fulfill CME requirements on an annual basis to maintain your active licensure and certification to practice legally. In other words, if your job requires any type of license or certification, most likely you must complete CME each year. Nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals are all required to complete CME credits yearly.

CME can be obtained in a variety of ways. The number of credits required varies according to the specific role you work, and the state in which you are licensed. Seminars, classes, workshops, lectures, conferences, and even some books and webinars can count towards CME.

There are some costs associated with obtaining CME credits, such as registration, materials, and sometimes, travel. Many healthcare employers will reimburse all or some of these costs, as they are required for you to fulfill your clinical role for your employer. Additionally, some employers may provide additional paid time off above and beyond your vacation time, to complete CME requirements.

To learn more about CME requirements specific to your healthcare role, such as how many credits you need and how you can obtain them, check with your applicable professional association or licensing board.

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