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All About Nursing Careers

How to Get a Nursing Job


Are you thinking about becoming a nurse? If so, congratulations on the decision. However, deciding on nursing as a career is just the beginning of a long process. Now you have many more decisions to make as you navigate the process of becoming educated and trained as a nurse, and then finding a nursing job that fits your career goals.

1. What is a Nurse? Career Overview:

This brief overview of a nurse's role will give you a basic idea of some general responsibilities and information about a career as a nurse. Also, learn about average salaries, hours, expectations, required skills, and more.

2. A Day in the Life of a Nurse (Video)

This brief but comprehensive video provides a glimpse into one day in the life of a nurse practitioner, which is an advanced practice nurse with a master's level nursing degree. See what it is like to work as a nurse.

3. How to Become a Nurse (Video)

This video provides a general overview of how to become a nurse. The process may vary based on the type of nursing career you are planning to pursue. However, there are some general things all future nurses must complete successfully in order to become a licensed nurse.

4. Types of Nurses

If you are planning a career as a nurse, you may want to begin by researching the different types of nurses, so that you can determine what type of nursing school programs you will want to pursue. You may not have to pinpoint the exact specialty you want to practice, but you will need to at least know what level of nursing career is best for you and what general level of responsibility and autonomy you will be seeking in your nursing career.

5. Nursing Degrees

No matter which type of nurse you'd like to be, you will have to obtain one of several different nursing degrees. Make sure you have enough time and money to obtain the nursing degree you'll need to become the type of nurse you want to be.

6. How to Pay for Nursing School

There are many forms of financial aid that may be available to you, depending on your situation and circumstances. If you don't qualify for any financial assistance, there may be other ways you can minimize your tuition costs as well.

7. Top Nursing Salaries

What are the highest paying nursing careers? Learn about three nursing careers that are among the most lucrative of nursing roles. These high paying nurse careers are all advanced practice nursing roles, meaning they require advanced degrees, at a master's level or above.

8. Non-clinical Jobs for Nurses

If you are interested in the field of nursing, but are not sure you want to work directly with patients for all of your career, these non-clinical career options are a great alternative for people with a nursing degree. Some of these roles may require or prefer several years of clinical experience.

9. Alternatives and Stepping Stones to Nursing Careers

If you have reviewed all of this information about nursing careers, but you are not sure you have what it takes to become a nurse, or if you think that nursing may not be the best fit for you as a career, there are many other options you may want to consider within the healthcare field. These careers are also a great way to test the waters before you make the commitment of nursing school, and they are great jobs to help you work your way through nursing school.
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