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Readers Respond: Funniest, or Strangest Patient Stories

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Whether you are a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional, chances are you have seen some funny or weird things over the years! Dealing with the general public always makes for interesting stories, especially in a clinical setting! Whether it's funny things patients do or say, or odd behavior from your co-workers, what is the funniest or weirdest thing you've ever witnessed on the job? Be sure not to divulge any identifying information of any patients, of course! Humor is a great way to deal with job stress, so share your stories here for others to enjoy and maybe even share a laugh and relieve some stress.

Funny/Strange Nursing Stories

Sometimes, nurses get more of a view than they want. I had a John Doe, a big guy in EVERY way, out of his head & with a positive drug tox screen for Ecstasy. He had to be restrained. As the bed he occupied was the last open bed, his roommate was a self-important, little guy with a huge ego - & he was scared. I came in & was immediately approached to help a scared tech because I "wasn't afraid of anything." The John Doe had chewed through his restraints and was exposing himself to me, asking me, "How do you like THIS, Babe?" Now, I detest being called Babe by strange men, so the hackles went up a bit. I also detest being flashed. I looked at the impressive display & asked, "How do I like WHAT?" He pointed at the, well, "item" in question. I said, "Sorry, I forgot my magnifying glass." The roommate asked, "Do you think that's SMALL?" I somehow managed to keep a totally straight face while claiming, "Yes, I do." I never had a moment's trouble with either man the rest of the night.
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