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Readers Respond: How Should the United States Implement Healthcare Reform

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From the article: What is Health Care Reform?
Health care reform is a hot topic in the news, as health care costs continue to increase, and millions of Americans remain uninsured. How should the healthcare system in America be reformed? Is a universal healthcare system the answer for improving the U.S. health system? Why or why not? Whether you are a current healthcare professional, future healthcare professional, or simply a consumer or patient of America's health system, share your perspective here.


Make it simple. I will not participate in any federal government mandate that forces me to buy a product. If they can do this they can force us to do any thing they want! Wake up America.
—Guest Steve

a new focus

Perhaps we should look at healthcare reform from the perspective of a healthcare provider. I provide bedside care to patients in a hospital in a large city...I am not a doctor. Daily I wonder how it is that we continue to provide top dollar care to patients who continue to abuse themselves with cocaine and alcohol. These patients cost Americans millions of dollars a month. After receiving heart surgery, they spend several days in the ICU($2,500.00 a day not including any other services). Then it's off to rehab for four weeks at a cost of...God only knows. When they are released and do not receive a bill, we, the tax payers pay for it. What's the point of having insurance when health care is free. If you have insurance and a good job you will pay out the nose for reasonable care. We need to look at who qualifies for healthcare and how much they get.
—Guest madman

How can you not have healthcare for all

I am horrified that there is not universal health care in America. English/Canadian and similar are not perfect but people should not go into debt because they are unwell and nor should parents of unwell children go bankrupt/and or have to fundraise simply because they do not have adequate health insurance. Shame on you America Home of the Brave...Home of the Greedy is more like it. You have become the horror of other first world nations who cant believe you dont look after those in ur community who are less fortunate.

Forced to Purchase Health Insurance

Congress sold out the American Public on healthcare reform. The public didn't want it, yet they shoved it down our throats. Never before in the history of the U.S. has government forced consumers to purchase something. They are forcing us to purchase health insurance. What will they force us to buy next? Does government have the right to do this? I hope the Supreme Court decides no one day in the near future. If you like your job, and you work for a small business, be prepared to loose it as small businesses will be forced cut payrolls because of this bill.It is too burdensome for small business. Furthermore, this bill does NOTHING to contain the cost of drug treatment and escalating pharma costs. It also does nothing to limit frivilous lawsuits that drive up the cost of medical treatment. This bill will be larger than social security, it will drive up the deficit and there is no way, other than higher taxes across the board to pay for it.

Obama is out

I will never vote for a Democrat again. I changed my party affiliation after Nobama rammed his pseudo healthcare reform through against the will of the people. My husband and I are retired union members. He has a serious health condition and without our prescription plan, his meds will cost us over $800 a month. There is absolutely no protection for retirees in this so called healthcare reform abomination. Believe me, the Democrats and everyone else who is backing Obama are out on their butts in November. WAKE UP AMERICA !

Employer Insurance too HIGH

We do need healthcare reform. I am in the medical profession and I cant afford the $522 every two weeks for insurance to cover my family, that's half my wages, paid that can't buy groceries or pay house bills. I agree there needs to be something or employers should have to pay part of the insurance. Have searched online for insurance but haven't found anything close to what we need. Healthcare Reform is needed, but not at the cost of our health.
—Guest jackson anne

America needs a health care reform

We should reform our system...We should take care of American people and reform our system. Why not if we spend millions of dollars on wars?
—Guest Rick Mulet

An easy answer

It's an easy answer if you read the bill. We have a very good system in place now. People travel from all over the world to use it and benefit from it. Why fix something that isn't broken? I guess it is a power grab. So the government can control your life from conception to death. It's frightening. My comments may seem extreme, but I simply ask, read the bill. If you don't have time like our elected representatives don't have time to read it, then you, your children, grandchildren, etc. will suffer.
—Guest olivetree

No Easy Answer

There are obviously no easy answers to this complex question. However, we can start by evaluating some of the major areas of needs: underserved, the uninsured, and other healthcare disparities. We need some type of national health system so that everyone has coverage. Some basic coverage is significantly better than no coverage. Primary care providers need to have greater incentives and specialists may need to get reimbursed less. The government has to intervene at the payer level and reform managed care organizations. The use of health IT can help bridge common gaps that occur in the continuum of care as patients visit several different physicians.
—Guest Dr. Joe Kim

Reform Needs Doing Right

There's no question that reform needs to happen; the times feel like the writing on the wall before Wall Street collapsed, except that everybody acknowledges the healthcare system is heading for an iceberg. All I can say, is patients and providers first. Patients, of course, because that's what the system is all about: caring for patients. The well being of America is the raison d'etre of the HC system. Forget that prime directive, and you've got a really big tail wagging a very mangy dog. Providers, because they arguably have the most skin in the game, and are THE interface, on the ground, in the mire, with patients. Any solution that accepts cutting off healthcare providers at the knees as a starting proposition -- while sparing managerial and actuarial support staff -- is a FAIL from the get go. All else, as the rabbi said, is commentary.

A Multifaceted Fix Warranted

Yes, our health care is a mess. Yes, it needs to be reformed, but the problems are plentiful and a single payer system is not the answer. Rationing health care is not an answer. Prevention medicine is a huge piece of the repair. Our primary care physicians get paid the least, tend to work extra hard completing paperwork and health care required authorizations, and in order to make a living they must see many patients and very quickly. That means they are unable to spend the time needed to educate their patients to fully understand the impact of their health care problems and the reasons management is so important. Nurses have a large role in educating patients, but we too have less time face to face with our patients and more time completing paperwork. As a case manager I know that what I do can help. Everyone with a chronic illness needs someone to manage their care, help educate them, and distribute information between providers. In addition malpractice needs reform too.
—Guest Victoria Powell
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