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Readers Respond: You Know You Should NOT Work in Healthcare When...

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Since the medical field is recession-resistant and offers competitive pay, many people get into the industry for all the wrong reasons. Do you know someone who just isn't "cut out" for a healthcare career? Or did you have an "aha" moment yourself about a current or former medical career? How do you know if medicine IS or is NOT for you? Feel free to share your thoughts here, serious or less-than-serious. Complete this statement: "You know you should NOT work in the medical field if..."


You struggle with math and science or simply don't like these subjects, since you will be taking courses in these areas...
—Guest Sam

If you don't like needles...

If you can't stand to see a needle pierce skin, then this is not the field for you...
—Guest Futr.Frnsc.Scntst

You Gotta Like People

If you don't like dealing with people a health care career isn't for you. That may sound pretty obvious, but I've seen health care workers who always seem annoyed with their patients.
—Guest CarenR

If you don't like to take tests...

You may not want to work in a medical field if you don't want to take a lot of tests! Tests for grad school, tests to pass your classes, tests for certifications, licensure, etc... Be ready!

Fainters Need Not Apply!

...If you pass out at the first sight of blood, you may not be cut out for medicine...
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