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Top Medical Jobs

There are so many great medical jobs, where do you begin if you're interested in the healthcare field? This list features jobs that are highest in demand, pay, growth, or quality of life. Some top jobs on the list offer many or all of these factors!

Health Careers Spotlight10

Social Media Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Social media is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, but it can also get you fired if used inappropriately. Here are four tips for using social media and keeping your medical job.

Healthcare IT Jobs and Careers - Information Technology

If you love medicine, and technology, a career in healthcare information technology (health IT, or "HIT") may be for you. Learn more about the career paths, certifications, various roles, and job search tips for obtaining your dream job in healthcare IT.

Best and Worst States for Nurses 2014

Where are the best states for nurses to work? Which states are the worst places for nurses to work? An annual report reveals which states are most nurse-friendly and provide the best places for nurses to work.

Medical Jobs for Older Workers - Ages 50 and Over

If you are 50 or over and seeking a new career, the healthcare industry offers a variety of rewarding options for older workers.

Medical Jobs of the Future

These new, emerging healthcare careers will take medical care into the future.

Careers in Nursing Informatics

What is a Nurse Informaticist? Nursing informatics is yet another rapidly growing field within the healthcare workforce. Nurse informaticists are

Careers for Skincare Specialists and Aestheticians

Everywhere Katie Patton goes, she receives numerous compliments on her beautiful skin. Her skin looks like that of a porcelain China doll. Envious women

Survey: 64% of Healthcare Professionals Looking for Jobs This Year

A new survey from Glassdoor reveals that 64 percent of healthcare professionals plan to look for jobs this year. Additionally, more than half "want more from

Careers in Medical Real Estate - Tips from a Pro

Background in healthcare, finance, and real estate, plus active networking, are keys to success. Are you passionate about finance, real estate, and

Is Moonlighting Good for Your Healthcare Career?

Should You Take a Second Job on the Side? Moonlighting is a popular practice among healthcare professionals. Fortunately for healthcare workers, their skills

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