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Medical Education - Training and Education Required for Health Careers

Do you have 10-15 years to invest in education and training to be a physician? If not, it's okay! There are many other rewarding options in Health Careers. Learn what it takes to be a tech, a nurse, or a physician, and where to go to get started for technical programs, medical school, residencies and internships.
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Global Health Corps Fellowship Program Offers a Head Start in Healthcare
Global Health Corps offers healthcare fellowships around the world. These fellowships are a great opportunity for recent grads and young professionals to get hands-on experience in healthcare in a global setting.

Health Careers with an Associate's Degree
Many exciting health careers can be obtained with an associate's degree. If you are seeking a job that is in demand and offers a competitive income, there are many excellent options in the healthcare field with the appropriate associate's degree.

Internships for Medical Careers
As a future medical professional, should you do an internship? And if so, how do you find one?

Healthcare IT Certifications
Which healthcare IT certifications will help you get hired in health IT? If you are seeking a career in healthcare IT, what training and certifications do you need to get a job in this field? Learn more about which certifications are in greatest demand, and where to go to find them.

In Demand College Majors for Healthcare Careers
If you are trying to choose a college major that will provide the best chances for you to get a job in the healthcare field, these most in demand college majors are great options.

Why Is Education So Important for Success?
Why is education so important to a successful career? Education is a key factor for a successful professional life, and education is particularly important for aspiring healthcare professionals. Find out why education is so important for success in your health career.

Human Services Degree Offers Healthcare-Related Career Options
What is a human services degree? Human services is a relatively new degree program that lends itself to a variety of career, including several professions in, or related to, the healthcare field

Medical Jobs with a Master's Degree
There are many great healthcare jobs available to professionals who obtain applicable master's level degrees from a graduate school. Learn about the variety of healthcare career options at a master's education level.

Pros and Cons of International Medical Schools
Have you ever considered going to an international medical school? These pros and cons of international medical schools can help make your decision easier.

Training, Schools, and Degree Programs for Integrative Medicine
If you are interested in a career in integrative medicine, there are several career options. These resources will help you obtain the education and training you need for a variety of medical careers in integrative medicine, for nurses, doctors, and more.

Get Accepted into Medical School - How to Get Accepted into Medical School
If you have applied, or are planning to apply, to medical school, have you ever wondered how the schools select which students to accept? Many students meet the basic requirements of grades and MCAT scores, but you must have more than that to ensure your successful acceptance into medical school.

Do I Need a Bachelor's Degree to Work in the Medical Industry? FAQ
Do I need to have a Bachelor's degree to find a job in the health care industry? Job seekers often want to enter the medical field before they've completed their undergraduate degree. Learn more about health career options which do not require a four-year college degree.

What Degree is Required to Become a Pharmacist?
Pharmacy Degree

Pharmacy School
If you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, you must first successful complete pharmacy school and obtain a PharmD degree. Learn more about pharmacy school and how to get accepted.

5 Ways to Pay for College or Medical School without Piling on Debt
5 ways to help pay for your college or medical schooling, without piling on more debt.

How to Find Practical and Vocational Nursing Schools
Kathy Quan, About's guide to Nursing, helps walk you through the process of choosing a nursing school. She also provides links to lists of different nursing schools nationwide.

5 Tips to Become a Dentist
If you've ever thought about becoming a dentist, our Guide to dental care, Tammy Davenport, offers these tips about preparing to become a dentist.

Dental School Listing by State
About's Dentistry site provides an organized list of dental schools by state.

Allopathic vs. Osteopathic Medical Schools
Tara Kuther, PhD, our Guide to Graduate School, examines the differences between osteopathic and allopathic medical schools.

Medical Schools in the United States
Here's a great list of accredited medical schools throughout the United States.

Vocational and Medical Technical Schools for Allied Healthcare Roles
Search by program and location for vocational and medical technical schools nationwide. Allied Healthcare education programs include medical techs, assistants, nursing assistants, dental hygienists and more.

Medical Residency Training Programs
If you're planning to become a doctor, residency training is the next step after you graduate from medical school. This site provides a comprehensive listing by state and by specialty.

Types of Nursing Degrees
So you want to be a nurse? What nursing degree do you need for the nursing career you want? Learn more about the different types of nursing degrees and find out which is the right one for you.

Medical Board Certification Exams - Physician Specialties
If you are a physician or in training to become a physician, medical board certification in your specialty is a requirement for most practice opportunities and physician jobs. These tips and resources will help you to prepare for your medical board certification exams.

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