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Trends, News, and Issues Impacting Your Career in Healthcare

Your career in the Healthcare field could be impacted by many factors including Media, Government, and Technology. Explore potential changes and issues throughout the Medical industry as they relate to your career in this ever-changing field.

Integrative Medicine Careers
What is integrative medicine, and what careers are available in this field? Learn more about integrative medicine, a growing trend in healthcare.

Nurses' Week May 2011
All about Nurses' Week and Nurses' Month in May 2011.

EMR-proof Your Medical Job
Are you worried about losing your job to EMR? Your job will change when EMR is implemented, but if you can stay ahead of the curve, and change with it, you will be able to save your job and remain gainfully employed!

What's your funniest, or strangest patient story?
What's the most weird or funny thing you've ever witnessed on the job? Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals see some really funny, or strange things, and often have very interesting stories to share from years of experience working with patients. Any time your job entails dealing with the general public, there is never a dull moment, and patient care often offers many opportunities f…

Telemedicine Jobs and Careers
What is telemedicine and should you work in this growing arena? Is there a demand for telemedicine services and if so, is telemedicine a good career option for you? Learn more about health careers in telemedicine with this informative interview with a representative from the American Telemedicine Association.

What Is Tort Reform?
What is tort reform, and how does it affect your medical practice?

Using Social Media in Your Health Care Career
What is social media and how can it be optimized in the health care industry? Can social media help you find a medical job or help you advance your health career, or make your job more efficient? Learn more about using social medial in the health care industry.

Healthcare Reform - How Should President Obama Reform America's Healt…
Readers weigh in on health care reform. How should the healthcare system in America be reformed?

What is Health Care Reform?
What is health care reform and how could it affect your health career?

Nurses' Week - How Did You Celebrate Nurses' Week?
How did you celebrate Nurses' Week? If you are a nurse, how were you pampered, honored, or recognized during Nurses' Day and throughout the week? If you work with nurses, how did you honor these vital healthcare professionals who contribute so much to the medical field?

Healthcare Industry News Publications and Resources
A list of top medical news resources and healthcare industry publications for health care news, trends, and important current events.

How Will the Financial Crisis in the US Affect the Healthcare Industry?
When the economy takes a turn for the worse, careers are impacted. While healthcare is fairly recession-proof, the industry as a whole is not completely immune to a major financial crisis.

Job Stress - Tips for Managing Job Stress
Medical careers can be highly stressful. How do you manage job-related stress to avoid career burnout?

What is Concierge Medicine?
Concierge medicine, also known as boutique medicine or executive healthcare, is a growing trend among physician practice. As a physician would it make sense for you to practice concierge medicine? And, if so, how would you go about it?

Pros and Cons of International Medical Schools - Health Career Issue
International Medical Schools seem to be the easier option for some American medical students. However, before you get your passport, learn more about what to expect from your international medical education.

What, and When, is National Doctors' Day?
What is National Doctors' Day?

What's Right with America's Healthcare System
Media and politicians often harshly criticize the healthcare system in the United States, in favor of a national healthcare system providing free healthcare for all citizens. However, this system does not work as well as you are being led to believe.

H1-B Work Visas - Navigating the Visa Process for U.S. Medical Jobs
Many physicians, medical researchers, or other healthcare professionals from other countries may need an H1-B visa before securing a job in the United States. If you do not have a green card, permanent residency, or U.S. citizenship, find out more about the basics of navigating the process of obtaining a visa. Laura Schneider, About's guide to Tech Careers provides an overview.

Medical Malpractice Crisis - What is It and Are We in One?
Overview of the medical malpractice situation in the U.S., and how it affects the healthcare industry employers and employees.

2008 Presidential Election and the Healthcare Debate
The 2008 Presidential election could greatly impact the future of your career in the healthcare field. It could affect availability of jobs, compensation, and the quality of your job as well. Learn more about each candidate's healthcare plan here.

Which States Allow CRNAs to Practice Independently Without Physician Supervision
CRNAs are able to practice in some states without physician supervision. Which states allow CRNAs to administer anesthesia independently?

How to Protect Your Nursing License
4 Tips to help you protect your nursing license, and your nursing career!

How to Prevent Violence and Avoid Danger at Work
Violence against nurses is a growing problem, but it can be prevented. Learn how to avoid violent incidents and avert dangerous situations at your nursing job.

Medical Jobs of the Future
These new, emerging healthcare careers will take medical care into the future.

Medical Jobs for Older Workers - Ages 50 and Over

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