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Decide Which Health Career is Best for You

Dreaming of a career in Healthcare, and not sure what role is best for you? If you'd like to learn more about training, pay, or the typical workday, then you're in the right place. Whether you're hoping to be a nurse, doctor, or a medical office clerk, these career profiles will help you confirm which particular healthcare profession best suits your skills and goals.
  1. Administrative and Support (12)
  2. Allied Medical Profiles (33)
  3. Medical Industry Jobs (10)
  4. Nursing Careers (19)
  5. Physician Careers (39)

Types of Therapy Careers in Healthcare
Many health careers include various types of therapy. Therapy is a treatment that is repeated or recurring regularly over time, and there are many different types of therapy to improve both physical and mental health. Learn more about therapy careers.

How To Become A Chiropractor
What is a chiropractor and how does one become a chiropractor? Learn more about chiropractic careers

Careers in Obstetrics and Gynecology
If you are interested in women's health, the field of obstetrics and gynecology (OB/Gyn) offers a variety of rewarding careers. Learn more about these careers for every level of experience and education.

Dentist Career Overview - How to Become a Dentist
Are you interested in a career as a dentist? If so, learn how to become a dentist, and what to expect in a career as a dentist, including income, schedule, hours, and challenges of being a dentist.

What Is a Doula?
What is a doula, and how do I become a doula?

Executive Careers in Healthcare Law
The demand for healthcare law executives and professionals is increasing dramatically since the passage of health reform. Learn more about what types of legal health careers are booming and how the trend will continue into the future.

Medical Industry Jobs
"Industry" jobs in the medical field refer to jobs that are non-clinical, working for companies that provide a product or service to hospitals, clinicians, or other medical providers or facilities. While not involved directly with patient care, medical industry jobs make the health care world go 'round, providing necessary products such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and s…

Allied Health Professions - Career Profile - What to Expect in Allied Health
Allied healthcare career profile Learn what to expect from a career in allied medical care Medical technologists medical technicians and medical assistants are all considered allied healthcare professionals

Cardiology Jobs - Career Overview of Top Cardiology Jobs
If you are interested in the field of cardiology, and finding cardiology jobs or careers in cardiovascular health, below are some of the top cardiology careers including a wide variety of education levels, skill levels, and income levels.

Dentist - Career Profile
Overview of a Dentist's Career, from About's Guide to Career Planning.

Dentistry Careers - Job Options and Career Paths in Dentistry and Dental Care
What careers are available in dentistry? Learn more about the different types of dentists, assistants, technicians, and administrators who work in the field of dentistry.

Emergency Medical Services - Jobs and Careers
What careers are available in emergency medical services? Learn more about careers in emergency medical services, such as paramedics and EMTs.

Healthcare Executive Careers
If youÂ’re seeking a highly compensated role in healthcare that doesnÂ’t require a clinical or medical degree, working your way up to a healthcare executive or hospital executive role could be a great option for you. Learn more about career options for healthcare executives.

Healthcare Law Careers
If you are interested in healthcare, but also passionate about legal careers or the practice of law, there are many careers that combine the healthcare arena with legal issues or law practice. Learn more about legal careers in the healthcare field.

Healthcare Recruiter - Career Profile of Medical Recruiters
Healthcare recruiters interview and qualify candidates to fill a variety of job openings in the medical field. Learn how to break into medical recruiting and what to expect from a career in healthcare recruiting.

Home Health Care - What Jobs Are Available in Home Health Care?
Home health care is one of the fastest growing areas of health care, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Find out about this in-demand field, and what jobs are available.

Hospitalist Career Profile
The role of hospitalist, and demand for their services has grown explosively over the past few years. Learn more about this exciting medical field, how to become a hospitalist, and what to expect in your future career as a hospitalist.

Internal Medicine Physician Career Profile
Internal medicine is one of the many types of medicine one could choose to practice if planning to become a physician. This profile provides an overview of the workload, education requirements, and day in the life of an internist.

Integrative Medicine Careers
What is integrative medicine, and what careers are available in this field? Learn more about integrative medicine, a growing trend in healthcare.

Interview with a Pediatrician - Becoming a Pediatrician
Vincent Iannelli, M.D., our Guide to Pediatrics and a pediatrician himself, offers this interview about becoming a pediatrician including common questions education, salaries and more.

Jobs in Hospice Care - FAQ
What type of roles are available in Hospice care, also known as Palliative care?

Medical Assisting - Career Profile
Medical assisting is a versatile career option which doesn't require extensive education.

Medical Device Marketing Jobs
What jobs are available in medical device marketing? How does one get into a career in medical device marketing? Learn more about this medical career. From entry level product manager to VP of Marketing, a variety of careers are available in medical device marketing.

Medical Interpreter Career Profile - Overview of Medical Interpreters' Careers
Are you bilingual, or planning to study and learn a second language? If so, you may be an ideal candidate to be a medical interpreter.

Medical Jobs in Sleep Medicine
Sleep medicine helps patients to overcome a variety of sleep disorders. Learn more about medical jobs in the field of sleep medicine.

Medical Laboratory Technician Career Profile
What is a medical laboratory technician(MLT)? What do MLTs do and how much do they earn?

Medical Librarian Careers
Medical librarians are important members of the healthcare professional team. Learn more about how to become a medical librarian, what they do, and how much medical librarians earn.

Medical Science Liaison - How to Become a Medical Science Liaison
Medical science liaison is a highly competitive role in the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industry. What is a medical science liaison, and how does one become a medical science liaison?

Medical Social Worker Job Profile
What is a medical social worker and what jobs are available in medical social work? Learn more about how to become a medical social worker.

Medical Technologist Career Profile
What is a medical technologist, and what do medical technologists do? Learn more about this in-demand medical laboratory career.

Medical Transcriptionists Jobs - Overview of Careers in Medical Transcription
Medical transcriptionists type up physicians' notes after patient visits. Careers in medical transcription offer flexible options including telecommuting from home, and unique scheduling possibilities. Learn more about job options as a medical transcriptionist including salary information, work environment, and job outlook for medical transcriptionists.

Medical Writer - Overview of Medical Writing Careers
If you are a strong writer, and you enjoy it, you may want to pursue a career as a medical writer. Learn more about the career options and outlook for medical writing careers.

Mental Health Care Careers
If you are interested in helping to treat and care for psychiatric patients, one of these mental health care careers may be for you. Learn more about medical careers in the mental health care field.

Military Medical Careers
Military medical careers offer yet another stable employment option for doctors, nurses, or allied healthcare professionals. Learn more about military medical jobs and careers.

Music Therapist Careers
Are you interested in becoming a music therapist? Learn more about this unique, growing healthcare career and see if a career as a music therapist is a potential fit for you.

Nursing Career Profile - Overview of Nursing Careers
The nursing workforce makes up the largest group of healthcare workers within the medical field overall. Find out more about this exciting field, including different types of nursing roles, how to become a nurse, and possible career paths for nurses.

Occupational Health Careers
What is occupational medicine and what careers are available in occupational health? Learn more about various careers in this field of medicine.

How to Become an Optometrist - Optometrist Career Overview
Are you interested in becoming an optometrist? If you think a career as an optometrist may be for you, learn more about how to become an optometrist and what it is like to work as an optometrist.

How to Become an Orthodontist
Are you interested in a career as an orthodontist? Learn how to become an orthodontist, as well as training and education requirements. Also find out what orthodontists earn, and what orthodontists do.

Patient Advocate - Career Profile
Patient Advocacy is a rapidly growing field. About.com's Guide to Patient Empowerment, Trisha Torrey, provides a comprehensive overview of how to work in the exciting field of healthcare as a Patient Advocate.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative - Career Profile and Jobs for Pharma Reps
Pharmaceutical representatives, or drug reps, can make a great living selling a variety of pharmaceutical remedies to physicians.

Pharmacist Jobs - Career Overview and Prospects for Pharmacist Jobs
How do you become a pharmacist? What education and training is involved to obtain a pharmacist job? Learn about pharmacist salaries, job responsibilities, as well as pros and cons of pharmacy careers.

Physical Therapy - Career Profiles
Our Guide to Career Planning, Dawn Rosenburg McKay, profiles careers in Physical Therapy.

Physician Assistant Career Profile
What is a physician assistant? Learn more about what physician assistants do, how to become a physician assistant, and how much physician assistants earn.

Physician Career Profile
Physician career profile details compensation, average work day, education and training requirements, and skills needed. A brief overview of the physician's career in healthcare is also provided.

Psychologists' Career Paths - Types of Psychologists
If you are interested in studying and training to be a psychologist, there are a variety of career options from which to choose. Learn more about the psychologists' careers that go beyond the general counseling and therapist roles.

Speech Language Pathologist - Career Profile
What is a speech language pathologist, and what do speech language pathologists do? Learn how to become a speech language pathologist, and what to expect from a career as a speech language pathologist.

Technology Careers in Healthcare
If you are interested in technology and are seeking a career that combines technology and medicine, there are many career options for you.

What Career Paths are Available in Pharmacy & How Do I Choose the Right One?
What are the career options available in pharmacy? Pharmacists may choose from a variety of job options in many different work settings. Compare and contrast pharmacy career tracks here.

Work-from-home Medical Jobs

If going into an office all day, or a hospital, is not an option for you, you may still be able to work in the medical field. Here are a few medical career options for telecommuting or working from home.

Best Medical Jobs for Women

What are the best medical jobs for women? Of course that depends on a woman's particular career goals and personal situation, but there are some careers that do provide many of the things that a lot of women seek in a career. Here are a few medical career options based on those characteristics.

Women comprise a very large portion of the healthcare workforce, and most medical jobs are great for women. However, there are still a few medical careers in which women are not compensated fairly, or where women haven't advanced as much as others. These careers listed below typically offer flexibility, career advancement, and fair pay in general, although of course it depends on the employer.

You Know You Should NOT Work in the Medical Field If . . .
Often it is discussed what types of people and skills are best for the medical field - but what about those who should NOT work in the medical field? Share your thoughts on who should and should not work in healthcare by completing the sentence: "You know you should NOT work in the medical field if..."

How to Become a Massage Therapist
Are you interested in a career as a massage therapist? Massage therapy was voted as one of the top health careers of 2011 by U.S. News and World Report. Learn more about what this career has to offer, and how you can become a massage therapist.

Least Stressful Medical Jobs
What are the least stressful medical jobs? There are a lot of very stressful medical jobs, but did you know that some of the least stressful jobs you can have are also in the medical field? Find out which medical jobs are the least stressful.

Types of Medical Jobs
What are the different types of medical jobs? Which medical job is right for you? This list of lists will help you review many different medical jobs by type and category to help you see what is available to you, and which medical jobs may be best suited to you.

Sports Medicine Careers
Are you a sports fanatic in search of a great healthcare career? If you are interested in treating athletes, or treating sports-related injuries or similar ailments, a career in sports medicine, physical medicine, or rehabilitation may be a great fit for you. Learn more about sports medicine careers and how to qualify for one of these sporty jobs!

Best Medical Careers You've Never Heard Of
If you are considering a healthcare career, there are several great medical careers you may not have initially considered because they are not as well-known or common. However, even though these medical careers are not the first ones to come to mind, these careers have a great deal to offer for those who want to work in healthcare but do not...

Most Dangerous Healthcare Careers
Which healthcare jobs are the most dangerous? Many healthcare workers risk their lives each and every day to help provide medical treatment to others. Learn about some of the most dangerous and risky healthcare careers.

Acupuncturist Career Overview
Are you interested in becoming an acupuncturist? This ancient form of medicine that was once considered "alternative" is gaining popularity and becoming more widely accepted as a treatment for a variety of ailments. Learn more about a career as an acupuncturist.

How to Become a Veterinarian
Learn how to become a veterinarian, as well as an overview of a career in veterinary medicine.

Orthodontist Assistant Careers

Medical Jobs Working with Kids
If you love kids, and the medical field, these ideas and tips will help you focus your job search on a health career working with kids, in a pediatric field or setting.

Medical Scribes - Career Overview
Medical scribes assist physicians with administrative duties and documentation of patient encounters. Learn more about this emerging, rapidly-growing healthcare career with detailed information from a physician who runs a medical scribe training and employment firm.

Medical Careers in Speech and Hearing Sciences

Healthcare IT Jobs and Careers - Information Technology
Healthcare information technology - jobs and careers. If you are interested in medicine, and technology, a career in healthcare IT may be an ideal option for you.

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