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Healthcare Basics - What to Know Before Pursuing a Health Career

Are you seeking a job that is challenging, rewarding, and high-paying? If you're passionate about improving people's lives, impacting the community, and making money, then an exciting future in the Healthcare field could be just right for you! This section will walk you through the ups and downs of a health career, to see if you've got what it takes.

All About Nursing Careers
Considering a nursing career? Learn all about nursing careers, degrees, roles, and schools.

Alternative Medicine Careers
If you are seeking a career in a less traditional realm of healthcare, consider one of the many careers in alternative medicine, which is gaining popularity in the U.S.

Healthcare Career Questions and Answers
What do readers most want to know about healthcare careers? Check out these most frequently asked questions about healthcare careers, and their answers!

6 Growing Non-clinical and Frontline Medical Jobs
Are you seeking a medical job that is in demand, offers security, stability, and career satisfaction? These six medical careers are emerging as some of the most rapidly growing non-clinical and "frontline" medical jobs. Learn more about these roles and the skills involved, as well as salary, education, and more.

How to Handle Job Stress and Prevent Burn-out in Your Medical Career
How do you deal with job stress and prevent burn-out as a medical professional? Read tips from other healthcare workers and share your experience as well.

Certifications Required for Medical Jobs
These certifications are required for most medical jobs.

Medical Careers In Demand
Medical jobs are almost always in demand, but these jobs are expected to grow the most in the ten-year period ending in 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational projections report. Of the 30 fastest-growing careers on the list, seven of them were in the healthcare field, and here they are:

Emergency Medicine Careers
If you love a fast-paced environment, a healthcare career in emergency medicine may be an ideal option for you! From the first responders to the physicians in the emergency room, careers in emergency medicine offer an exciting, unpredictable workday every shift!

Primary Care Careers
What careers are available in primary care? Learn more about a variety of medical career options within the field of primary care.

What Is the History of Labor Day?
What is the history of the Labor Day holiday.

Where are All the Medical Jobs?
Where are all the medical jobs? Many readers want to know why they are having difficulty finding a medical job, if there are so many out there to be had. Learn how, and where to find a medical job.

What are the Different Types of Nurses?
Thinking of becoming a nurse? There are so many different types of nursing jobs and careers from which to choose - learn more about your options before you start your career path.

What is Public Health
What is public health and what careers are available in public health?

CME - What is CME? (Continuing Medical Education)
What is CME? CME stands for Continuing Medical Education. Learn more about CME in this brief overview.

Medical Specialties - List of Specialties for Medical Professionals
One of the many options you have as a healthcare professional is choosing a medical specialty in which to practice. Whether youre a nurse, a physician, or allied health professional, choosing a medical specialty will help focus your educational goals, job search efforts, and career choices.

Top Medical Jobs - Career Growth and High Pay for Top Medical Jobs
These top medical jobs are projected to experience some of the fastest growth, as well as allowing for some of the highest earnings and best career options. The top medical jobs include health careers for every level of education and experience.

Top 5 Reasons to Work in the Healthcare Field
Working in the Healthcare industry offers many rewards and benefits. Find out more about what you'll gain by pursuing a career in Healthcare today!

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving Ahead with Your Health Career
Are your favorite TV shows "Grey's Anatomy," "E/R", and "Scrubs?" Or maybe you were the student who breezed through Biology and Chemistry in college while everyone else struggled to get a passing grade. If you've been dreaming of a career in the Healthcare field, does that mean it's right for you? Here are a few things to consider before moving forward with a medical career.

Do I Need a College Degree to Work in the Medical Industry?
Do I need a college degree to work in the medical industry? Many job seekers often want to know what health career options are available to them without a degree.

How do You Know if a Healthcare Career is for You? Self-Assessment
Need some general direction? Dawn Rosenburg McKay, About.com's guide to Career Planning, walks you through some preliminary self-assessment, to assist with career decisions. This may help you to determine if a medical career is the best fit for your skills, interests, values, goals, and personality, or you're better suited to another type of role.

What are the Types of Hospitals, and How Should I Choose a Hospital Employer?
This Q&A provides an overview of the hospital job market and hospitals in general, to help you determine working in a hospital is for you, and how to select a hospital employer.

What is the Difference between Clinical and Non-Clinical Medical Jobs?
This FAQ describes the difference between clinical jobs and non-clinical jobs in the healthcare industry.

Should You Become a Nurse? What to Expect from a Nursing Career
About's guide to Nursing discusses the ups and downs of a career in nursing, to help you decide if a career as a nurse may be a viable option for you.

Explore Healthcare Careers - American Association of Medical Colleges
The American Association of Medical Colleges provides information on exploring careers in medicine.

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