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Readers Respond: Recognize Nurses - Top Ways to Celebrate Nurses' Week

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Nurses' Week is celebrated each May, and is kicked off by Nurses' Day. How did you celebrate Nurses' Day and Nurses' Week this year? What special ways were you recognized or honored? Or, did you honor co-workers who work in nursing roles? If so, how did you thank nurses for all the hard work that they do?

Nurses Day

To all nurses around the world who work in different settings, at the training centers and the nursing administrators, I congratulate you for this day wishing you a happy week. We urge all nurses to move forward to carry out the message of ICN around the world; to take the leads in delivering the best nursing care to the communities. Nurses stress upon upgrading community services through sharing with other health care providers and clients to ensure delivery of acceptable qualitative services to all patients and their families. We also urge the administrators to support and cooperate with nurses to allow them deliver high quality of services.
—Guest Abdul Jabbar Isa

Nurses' Day Luncheon

Our doctors provided a luncheon at the office and gave us each a flower and a gift certificate. It was nice to know that we are appreciated! Thank you.
—Guest Susan C.

Thank you

I just wanted to say THANKS to all nurses who are working hard to care for patients everywhere!
—Guest Jill

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